PPC campaign...a leaky bucket? What are we talking about? Let us explain.

 posted by lyana san pedro

Picture yourself somewhere remote where you do not have access to running water. To retrieve water for cooking, bathing or drinking, you need to take your bucket on a five minute walk and fill it up at a well. Now this is a five minute walk each way, so it's a fair amount of work for just one bucket of water. If you manage to fill the bucket to the brim and walk very carefully without spilling any, you won't have to make another trip. However, if you're careless on the walk or worse, only have a bucket with small holes that leak water, you'll definitely have to make more than one trip to and from the well.

A crude example, but you get the idea. In our PPC scenario, the water is money and the bucket is your PPC campaign. One of the main strengths of paid search advertising is that it delivers quick and predictable results for a fixed cost. But what many people don't understand is that they can't just throw all their money in a PPC bucket and hope for the best. Just like carrying a full bucket of water, if you aren't focused and attentive to your PPC campaign it'll become a leaky bucket that slowly drips and wastes your marketing dollars.


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