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WSI Approach We Take

The Approach We Take

We understand that as a business owner, the quest to increase your business’ profitability can sometimes leave you wondering if you’ve exhausted every avenue of attracting new customers and increasing your revenue generation. This often leads to wasted dollars on unfocused, poorly targeted advertising efforts in local media and receiving a poor return on your marketing investment.

There is a smarter way to attract new customers and grow your business.

Our patent-pending WSI Internet Marketing Lifecycle™ is a unique six-phased approach to Internet marketing that’s proven to generate results. Each phase of the cycle builds upon the previous phase, creating a complete internet marketing plan for your business that’s targeted and measurable. This means increasing your business’ visibility on the Internet and driving more customers through your web properties to increase sales and ultimately, profitability.


In this phase, our goal is to ensure we fully understand your business in order to suggest the best campaign strategy for your needs. A WSI Internet Consultant will review your current situation to determine your internet marketing needs. By using the WSI Competitive Analysis, an in depth report that compares and analyzes your online activities across the websites and internet marketing activities of your top five competitors, WSI will assess the health of your current website and Internet presence as well as uncover gaps in your current online marketing strategy. This process will help WSI begin identifying the best action steps to improve your overall online performance.

Internet Business Analysis™ (IBA)

The IBA™ – also proprietary to WSI Internet Consultants – provides a more thorough understanding of your business and its processes to identify unique opportunities to increase profits through a customized internet marketing plan . In this phase, a WSI Internet Consultant will meet with you at a time and place of your convenience. By asking a series of business questions, your Internet Consultant will analyze your current online marketing activities, understand your marketing goals and objectives, define your target market and determine how to best implement a internet marketing plan that will fit with your unique business needs and budget.


By compiling the findings from the Competitive Analysis and IBA™, your WSI Internet Consultant will recommend and assemble the technologies and techniques needed to deliver the best results for your internet marketing campaign. For example, the WSI Consultant may recommend a new website design , search engine optimization (SEO) , pay-per-click (PPC) , social media marketing strategies , targeted email marketing campaigns ,  content marketing and syndication , or any number of internet marketing services available through the WSI system. During this phase, we also define when the campaign begins and ends and how the results will be measured.


The main focus of this phase is to launch the components of your custom tailored internet marketing plan This is when your online marketing campaign “goes live”. At this point, most Internet marketing companies believe their work is complete. However, the key to success is testing.  Your WSI Internet Consultant will test the campaign and fine tune your strategy before launching it out in full. In addition, WSI will complete a thorough quality assurance process in order to ensure that every aspect of your WSI internet marketing plan is implemented smoothly.


Advanced web analytics tools are used to monitor the your internet marketing plan, track where the best leads are coming from and compare progress against your overall marketing objectives. The focus of this phase is to track, measure and analyze the internet marketing strategies within the project deliverables. The analysis of this data will be bench marked against the original business goals you wish to achieve along with specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators ) defined earlier in the project discussions. This data gathering is conducted using industry leading web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics or WSI Internet Marketing Pro.

Manage Results

Your WSI Internet Consultant will monitor the results of your internet marketing plan on an ongoing basis and make recommendations where necessary to ensure your web properties and internet marketing campaigns are always running at optimum efficiency. When you understand where your best leads are coming from and the type of campaign messages they respond to, you’ll know where to spend your advertising dollars most effectively.

Keep in mind that throughout every step of the WSI Internet Marketing Lifecycle™ system, your Internet Consultant is actively managing your campaign, supplying you with insightful reports and is available to answer any questions you may have. Locate a WSI Internet Consultant in your region and get started today

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