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Mission and Core Values

"Delivering World Class Solutions for all Industries"

Mission Statement: Making a difference in the lives of people the world over.

We do this by providing our clients with internet marketing services   that provide value to their business and deliver them a return on their investment while they sleep. 

Making this sort of difference in the lives of our clients brings our WSI Internet Marketing Consultants extreme pride in what they do and this same level of pride is also felt by the suppliers in our WSI eMarketplace who help to deliver these solutions to our clients.  Our mission statement is also ingrained into the staff at our corporate head office that look to bring the very best WSI Internet Franchisees onboard and provide them with the systems, tools and resources needed to help them run their WSI business successfully.

Core Values:

At WSI, we strive to imbibe our company’s core values as a way of life by ensuring they are accompanied by specific objectives and performance measures. We work for the success of our company, as well as our customers. We understand and respect the value, the contributions and the achievements of each colleague. We aim to support personal growth through ongoing education, training and new internet franchise opportunities. We will never be content with who we are or what we have accomplished. An overview of our core values are detailed below:

Integrity: We treat every single interaction with every individual with honesty and truthfulness.

Community: We foster a sense of community in all of our relationships.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for our decisions, both large and small.

Innovation: We are always seeking a better solution; we welcome change and new technology.

Respect: We treat every individual and every relationship with honor and respect.

Excellence: We strive for excellence and perfection in every task we perform.

Trust: Trust comes naturally when you fully embrace the six values outlined above.  We trust each other at WSI and you can trust us to always do the right thing.

For more information on WSI’s Mission and Core Values please watch this video message from the desk of WSI President, Ron McArthur.

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