Refunds Policy

Refunds will only be granted in extenuating circumstances rendering the student incapable of continuing with the programme. Refunds are at the sole discretion of the Digital AWWSS Information technologies (WSI stream). Extenuating circumstances refer to unforeseen events which may affect a student’s ability to complete their course.

Foreseen events such as sporting, cultural or work commitments are not considered extenuating circumstances. Supporting documentation e.g. medical certificate, police statement etc. must be provided. In such circumstance deferral may be offered as an alternative. The amount refunded will be in proportion to how far you have progressed through the course. Please allow a minimum of 7 weeks for a refund to be processed. 


We do NOT share your personal info with anyone.


Digital AWWSS Information technologies (WSI stream) reserves the right to refuse tuition fees and reserves the right to deny any applications.

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